G-MUNI aka “Miss Munipenny”


The Mooney M20J is probably the most numerous of the Mooney line of aircraft, combining high speed cruise performance with great economy. With a top speed of around 175 knots (that’s where the 201 bit comes from—201 mph) and a comfortable cruise of 140 knots at 60% power, using a miserly 9.5 US gallons per hour, she fits the speed with economy bill well. That and precise handling make her a fantastic long distance cruiser, VFR or IFR.


G-MUNI started life as the Mooney demonstrator aircraft out of Southampton in 1989, hence the registration! She’s very nicely fitted out inside offering comfy seating for pilot and passengers. Although fitted out for IFR flight with two nav/comms and two altimeters they did not get carried away with overkitting her, so she still has a very useful load that will take four people and light luggage for over 300 nm in one hop.


She’s currently in the care of Pete and Kate Williams and flies out of Oxford (EGTK). So, if you see “Miss M” about come and say hello, we’d be delighted to see you.


Contact: G-MUNI@oxvista.com



Directions to Oxford Airport:













...ask at security for PFT (Pilot Flight Training)


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G-MUNI Mooney M20J SE 201

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